Turn your LinkedIn account into a cash machine 
Written by Paloma Peña. Enero 2020
These are the most common challenges I see Service Providers experience once they start to use LinkedIn as a Social Selling tool.

They struggle to:

● Identify their Dream Clients
● Reach out to them in a way that actually gets a response
● Guide the conversation from “Hello...” to actually holding a sales call
● Accept the fact you might need to hold more than one call to close the
● And then, once the time is appropriate, ask for the sale without getting weird about being “salesy”

Let me highlight this...

If your strategy isn’t putting cash in your bank account and Dream Clients on your calendar, you need a new strategy.

And since LinkedIn is first and foremost a human interaction platform, I suggest a relationships-first approach.

It’s the difference between Quantity VS Quality.

What you need is a solid strategy to skyrocket your results.

And now more than ever, your strategy has to be different, innovative, creative and adapted to our current situation.

It’s time to think outside the box (well the time was yesterday) and make sales differently.

✅ Start reaping the benefits of working from home, building a sales pipeline, and onboarding new clients.

In the end, you have nothing to lose and a
lot to gain 💰

Paloma Peña

CEO-Founder BPowerConsulting.

Helping B2B Coaches, Consultants, and Services Providers to hit 5 figures a month using LinkedIn and without spending on advertisement.

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