Trick to make unlimited searches on LinkedIn with the FREE version
Written by Paloma Peña. Enero 2020
The premium version of LinkedIn is very powerful and very useful if you have a clear strategy.


Sometimes it is not worth investing these $60+ or dollars a month if you are starting using this platform.

LinkedIn is a brutal social network to find potential clients, but what about the free version, since we have a limit of daily searches with the sales navigator of LinkedIn.

That’s why today I want to share a trick to make unlimited searches on LinkedIn with the free version.

First, write down these nomenclatures:

QUOTES If you want to search for something that contains a specific word or phrase, use the quotes.

➡️"AND” If you want to search LinkedIn profiles that include two separate terms, use the word “AND” in capital letters between both terms when searching.

➡️"OR" If you want to combine the results of two independent search terms, capitalize "OR" between one or more terms. For example, Coach OR Consultant.

➡️Parenthesis: This is where things get interesting. You can combine multiple modifiers to get even more complex search results. For example, “AND software (engineer OR architect)”.

➡️"NO" Do you want to exclude results that contain a specific term? Use the word NO in capital letters between the terms you want to exclude from the results. For example, NOT "customer service".

So, imagine that you are looking for MARKETING DIRECTORS in the FOOD sector in San Diego.

Well, it is as simple as you go to Google you write:

You go to and you write "marketing director" AND "food" AND "San Diego" site: OR site: pub / -site:

And all the results will appear, in this case, 133,000 results, you just have to click on each link to see each contact.

Check out the screenshot below 👇🏼

I assure you that if you do the search on LinkedIn, you will not get half the options with the free version.

Important, if we do not add the acronyms of the country it will take all the contacts in the world.

Try it and let me know how it goes¡

Paloma Peña

CEO-Founder BPowerConsulting.

Helping B2B Coaches, Consultants, and Services Providers to hit 5 figures a month using LinkedIn and without spending on advertisement.

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